Quick answers to FAQs on the xBacked protocol

What are the fees?

Supply fees can vary per vault. Presently, all vaults have an annual fee of 3%

These supply fees are fixed, and will not change. To change supply fees, vaults must be deprecated & redeployed with a new fee rate. Read more about deprecation.

What collateral can I use?

xBacked is multi-collateral. Currently, a range of assets are available including ALGO, goBTC, goETH, GOLD$ and more. See a full list including vault parameters for each here. In the further future, the team and community will assess other options.

How are new collateral types integrated?

The following factors are considered when selecting new collateral types for xBacked

  • On Chain liquidity; will liquidations cause a cascading crash if there's too much debt for this new collateral type? Will liquidators be able to sell liquidated collateral at a favorable price? 2022, Solend highlighted this risk.

  • Bridge risk; if the asset is bridged, what is the risk of accepting it? How much of this asset should be backing xUSD? This risk is highlighted in the 2022 hack of Wormhole.

  • Community demand; will our users actually find this introduction valuable?

  • Price feeds; can we get or create reliable price feeds for this asset?

Can I participate in Algorand Governance via xBacked?

xBacked does not natively allow users to stake Algos for governance. Instead, we have integrated Liquid Staking assets like gAlgo from Folks Finance and mAlgo from Messina. We are focused on being the best stablecoin, not liquid staking. Leveraging composability, we can still allow users to participate in governance & xBacked.

What are the fees for xBacked?

Documentation on our fee structure is here.


Minting xUSD

0%, annual supply fee





What is the minimum collateral ratio?

This varies per vault but could be as low as 110% depending on the collateral type. Check out individual Min Cr values for each vault here

What is the minimum amount of xUsd required to open a vault?

$100 xUsd, but could vary per vault and change over time.

Is xBacked a DAO?

Yes, we are working towards a fully decentralized governance model.

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